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a mindbender by Shawn Nacol

 1 set

2 actors

 6 characters

a futuristic tour-de-farce



psychoPharm: where the future grows wild.


a finalist for the Drama League's 2005 New Directors/New Works grant.

red blood cells

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§ psychoPharm - Sample.pdf

µ  postCyberpunk

§  "Popular Visions of the Future" by F. Heylighen

§  "cyberpunk worldview" by Gareth Branwyn

§  Wirehead hedonism

µ Pharm

§   Entheogens

§   Ethnobotany

§  Utopian Pharmacology

§   the DMT Tykes

§   the War on Drugs

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The ultimate in paranoia is not when everyone is against you but when everything is against you. Instead of "My boss is plotting against me," it would be "My boss's phone is plotting against me.

Philip K. Dick

Shamanism is not necessarily anti-scientific. They hold knowledge above ignorance. Hallucinogens are still technology: They eat buttons instead of pressing them.

Marvin Carlson

Cows Pigs Wars & Witches

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