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from Pulp Art by Robert Lesser

"In the realm of the pulp cover girl, of the erotic female in terror, one artist was superior. Starting in 1933 a woman in Chicago began to produce pulp cover art so successful that issue after issue sold out.  She used pastel chalks that smudged on touching in an age before fixatives in spray cans, art created on paper so thin one finger could tear it... "

"The results were unsurpassed in style, a new look for ladies in terror... This was feminine art. She couldn't or wouldn't paint bug-eyed monsters and didn't care to paint men convincingly. The bodies of beautiful women were her passion in art, and she was not a prude..."


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Weird Tales - June 1938


The Brundage Collection
During the worst years of the Depression, Mrs. Margaret Brundage made good money with Weird Tales. The rate of pay was always ninety dollars a cover. Today a Margaret Brundage Weird Tales original commands a price ranging between forty and seventy thousand dollars. Brundage produced sixty-six covers for Weird Tales, including an amazing run of thirty-nine consecutive issues from June 1933 to October 1936. About thirteen of the originals remain in private collections...

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