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 Drawing Monsters Synopsis


©Copyright 2002-2008
[Shawn Nacol]
All rights reserved

Drawing Monsters

a weird tale by Shawn Nacol

a modern gothic about cleavage, carnage, and the Queen of the Pulps.

From 1933 to 1938, Mrs. Margaret Brundage had a near-monopoly on drawing cover illustrations for Weird Tales magazine. Mrs. Brundage earned the title “Queen of the Pulps” with her naked heroines writhing in the lustful grip of fiends and monsters. In nearly 100 pictures of women being tortured, raped, and disemboweled, Mrs. Brundage used her own daughters as models…f


What if a bookworm believed in horror stories so deeply that they sprang to life around her? Inspired by true events, Drawing Monsters unveils a family of women that survived the worst of the Depression by illustrating the nightmares of a nation.

Kerlyn Brundage knows her mother’s drawings are dangerous; her sister has vanished and something evil prowls the Brundage house. Kerlyn feels it watching from the shadows… hears it crouched outside her door… but no one will believe her suspicions.

Is Kerlyn next? Weird Tales feeds her phobias while Margaret undresses her girls to pay the bills. What if outré fiction hides real danger? Kerlyn may have to sacrifice everything to discover where the truth lies.

This five-character, unit-set, full-length psycho-drama needs 3 females, 2 fellas, a shabby parlor, and 1930s threads to invoke a Lovecraftian thriller about dirty pictures, scary stories and being drawn to death.


 Drawing Monsters: a different kind of family portrait

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f Lovecraft: A Biography by L. Sprague de Camp (Doubleday 1975) p. 217-218

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